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Missing Dragon in Action...

or something like that.

Umm yeah.

Last Sunday I washed Molly in the new kick ass driveway o' mine. Unfortunately in the process of enjoying spring weather I seem to have done my patented never fails rain dance. So, as is guaranteed when I do said rain dance properly, it rained Monday afternoon in the form of a very pretty and somewhat short thunderstorm. It lasted about a half hour at my house and I got to sit around and enjoy all of it on the porch. I was pleased.... well except for the part where Molly was no longer ultra-shiny and non-grimy. Eh, c'est la vie.

However I seem to have also found a way to incorporate a wind dance into the rain dance (or perhaps it was a residual effect) because Tuesday was freaking windy as hell. The wind killed my broadband connection and as luck would have it, I can't get a service midget out to my house until Monday. At least the guy I talked to went ahead and pro-rated my service for the week that it'll be out of commission. This doesn't make it any less gone though so be not surprised if I don't respond to email or comments right away. I'm enduring a forced disconnection from the online world. Life is rough ;).

Yesterday I discovered that the former owners of my house were idiots. They didn't take down the A/C for the winter last fall. They just stopped using it. When I had my guys come out to get it cranked up we discovered this fact. Fortunately both A/Cs are fairly new so this didn't cause any major problems, but still it makes me wonder what other surprises I have in store for me as I get to know the house better. I have more house stuff to ramble about (big surprise), but that'll have to wait. I'm a little rushed today.

My friend L is coming into town tonight. I need to do some last minue cleaning and laundry, but all the interesting house related stuff is done. Now I have to do the boring stuff... oh and pick up some groceries.

Anyways, I should be back after this weekend. Hope you guys have a good holiday weekend. I know I will ;)

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