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Missing Dragon in Action...

or something like that.

Umm yeah.

Last Sunday I washed Molly in the new kick ass driveway o' mine. Unfortunately in the process of enjoying spring weather I seem to have done my patented never fails rain dance. So, as is guaranteed when I do said rain dance properly, it rained Monday afternoon in the form of a very pretty and somewhat short thunderstorm. It lasted about a half hour at my house and I got to sit around and enjoy all of it on the porch. I was pleased.... well except for the part where Molly was no longer ultra-shiny and non-grimy. Eh, c'est la vie.

However I seem to have also found a way to incorporate a wind dance into the rain dance (or perhaps it was a residual effect) because Tuesday was freaking windy as hell. The wind killed my broadband connection and as luck would have it, I can't get a service midget out to my house until Monday. At least the guy I talked to went ahead and pro-rated my service for the week that it'll be out of commission. This doesn't make it any less gone though so be not surprised if I don't respond to email or comments right away. I'm enduring a forced disconnection from the online world. Life is rough ;).

Yesterday I discovered that the former owners of my house were idiots. They didn't take down the A/C for the winter last fall. They just stopped using it. When I had my guys come out to get it cranked up we discovered this fact. Fortunately both A/Cs are fairly new so this didn't cause any major problems, but still it makes me wonder what other surprises I have in store for me as I get to know the house better. I have more house stuff to ramble about (big surprise), but that'll have to wait. I'm a little rushed today.

My friend L is coming into town tonight. I need to do some last minue cleaning and laundry, but all the interesting house related stuff is done. Now I have to do the boring stuff... oh and pick up some groceries.

Anyways, I should be back after this weekend. Hope you guys have a good holiday weekend. I know I will ;)


I didn't know that losing broadband was contagous.

See, if you were a techie gal, you could flirt with the cable guy and get free things like moi. Unfortunately, I don't think most cable guys want men flirting with them, period.

I really do wish hallmark made cards for this occation- the techno-foibles of life.

My condolenses.
Actually I think I've gotten better results being extremely nice and friendly to the repair people that have shown up. Having worked in the "go to people's houses and fix stuff" area before, I know how shitty the work can be and it's amazing how much you can get if you offer them a soda, or if you treat them like actual people. I've had them hook me up with all sorts of nifty things and by showing the right amount kind of interest you can often get them to tell you useful things about their networks and whatnot.
so that was you that caused the fun on Mon/Tues....gee thanks! :-P

I was up on the roof when the "storm" hit...argh! The rental was dusty as hell...I guess since they used that duster thing, the dust clung to the oil residue and left nice clumps of dust all over the car hehe...looked like the cops had dusted it for prints.
is it possible for them to bury the line from the tap to the house? That's the biggest problem w/ above ground lines...wind and rain.

you should do a "Top 10 Things To Do When Your Broadband Is Out" :-P
It might be do-able but it would probably be a pain in the ass. I might instead setup a drop for the cable and electric service at the back of the garage and run conduits and line myself. Unfortunately since all the cable service is above ground in that area it could still get damaged by wind and rain.

Honestly we haven't had much major trouble with the overhead lines and it's usually easier to get them fixed. They would have fixed mine on Friday, but I had ummm... other plans ;)


biggest advantage to above ground lines vs underground is that seeing a problem is a bit easier. Though they have testers, the first line I ever had put in when I had RR the first time (99) the line was damaged when they pulled it from the tap to the house. It obviously effected the connection speed, so I got rid of it. When they put in RR the 2nd time (01), they realized the line was bad and put in another...set it up...then found the line had been damaged while being pulled again... *sigh* Finally got it right. If the planter boxes weren't there, it'd be much easier to dig a little trench and drop in a pvc pipe to feed the cable through...

...I also have gophers to deal with...they're what ruined the phone line apparently eheh