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Kendo Coolness

I'm getting fidgety and antsy to start with the Kendo class I signed up for.

I was browsing the class specific website and I came across the website for the local School: Scorpon Yamabushi School of Martial Arts

Fairly nifty. It's a simple enough website with actual content and no excessive bells and/or whistles. I find it particularly amusing the lengths that they go to in order to discourage random folks from wanting to walk in and just goof off. In particular this part: Let us clarify....If you want a quick and easy black belt, try your local sporting goods store, they sell them for about $7.99. If you want a uniform and certificate to go with it, you can likely find a local school to give it up for about $1000 and 1-2 years.

Not snotty or elitist, but refreshingly hardcore. I like that. If I do go ahead and get into this, I want to go someplace where I feel like I'll be pushed for a long time. Now that the house stuff is somewhat sorted out, I'm really looking forward to having a good place to work out and practice stuff in. I was trying out the bokken I have and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could actually practice in the living room without fear of breaking stuff. Well at least in theory. I suspect that a better option will be the backyard but again this is cool since it's fairly private. I don't have a huge problem looking like a dork while I learn the different katas, but I'm not a huge fan of having all my neighbors seeing it either :).

Oh well. In a little less than two weeks I'll have started and hopefully it'll be as much fun (in that sick and twisted MIT way) as I'm hoping it will be.


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Don't mind me, just remembering random goofiness. Perhaps I need to cut back on the caffeine again.

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