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A posta posta posta posting....

Still here. Still weird. Still boring.

Hmmm... This weekend.

Friday: I hung out with Dave and attempted to buy a barbecue grill but I was foiled by the small print at Lowe's and the pathetic selection at Le Home Depot. You know, I just never realized how difficult it could be to find a freaking barbecue grill that I think is worth it.

Oh yeah, I may have decided to forgo building the monster rock grill in favor of building a planter/bench along one rock wall and buying a grill. I'm 90% sure that this would be a cooler solution, but I'm still waffling a bit. Especially since I have yet to find a grill that I like and can buy cheaply. We shall see though. Ideally I want to get stuff sorted out by Mother's Day, but this may be a bit overly-optimistic. Eh, we'll see.

After the home improvement segment of the evening's entertainment we hit the mega-ginormous Chinese buffet. I ran into the RA that helped me with the house and I even managed to take advantage of the moment to have him find out some info for me. Funny how timing works sometimes. After food we hung out at my place and we ended up talking about relationships and stuff. It was a good conversation and it gave me lots to think about WRT L and other people. I'll probably ramble out this in depth some other time. Right now I'm struggling not to fall asleep.

Saturday: I had some adventures dealing with Molly. I continue to be deliriously happy with how well the driveway/garage work in general now, but the auto store supply gods foiled my attempts to fix some stuff. I'll deal with that soon though. Dave came over at some point to watch Trading Spaces (because we are just such party animals) and then we hit VI where they lost their power about 15 minutes after we got there. Fortunately our stuff had just been finished so we got to hang out and eat and chill as usual. It was fun as always. After VI we ended up back at my place waiting to see if Martin and Shannon would call about going out and doing something.

No luck. We ended up calling it a night around 1 and I proceeded to stay up talking to folks online until 4 or so (still the party animal).

Sunday: I got up in time to be late for my nephew's confirmtion thing today. However I did make it to the mass so it counts :-p. Listening to the folks at the mass reminded me why I am not a big fan (or even a fan at all) or organized religion. It made me glad that I someday I'll be free to warp and corrupt my kids as I see fit ;-p.

After the mass, we went back to my sister's house for the obligatory party and I had loads of good food and an interesting debate. I don't feel like going into it in depth, but I will say that my brother really got on my nerves with how he argues. I don't mind having someone contradict me or just flat out disagree with me, but my brother has a way of doing it tht comes off as being highly arrogant and condescending. Granted, I am his little brother, but still. I'd like to think I have at least a bit of a clue and that my points are that hard to grasp. I'll probably rant about this later. It still anoys me, but I'm having trouble typing at this point. Were I to continue with this post much longer you'd end up with something that looks like:

"We were talking about rsrtgsrgdssssdftsserdrf....................."

I think it's time for bed.

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