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purple dragon

I spoke to soon...

Not to long after my last post, Windows decided that it would rather not install a few key files needed to boot-up. It worked fine for about 20 minutes while I adjusted setting and whatnot and finally when I rebooted, it decided to die.

I would have posted to let all of you know that the apocalypse was post-poned, but I suspect that my post would have been something along the lines of "AAAAAAAARGH".

So - yeah. Got up this morning for another thrilling installment of hurry up and wait at work. I'm waiting for a call from the Ford tractor dealer about some parts for one of the backhoes. Its kind of amazing. The tractor guy can get his parts within 24 hours, the folks down at the Ford car dealer have trouble getting parts to you within a fortnight (last time I needed to replace something I had to wait three weeks... apparently waiting for them to actually make the part from raw materials)

I may or may not spend most of this evening working at my brother's office networking computers and setting up a firewall/router/gateway. It'd be nice to get all that done since I'm doing the work for 3 different lawyer's offices, and therefore, I get paid for my efforts (whereas if it was just my brother's office or personal stuff it would be pro bono). Extra money would be good right about now. That'd also make it about 1000% more likely that I'd swing by the goth club once I was done (its like 5 blocks from the offices). OTOH, it would be nice not to work on Friday night. Decisions decisions.