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You know it's going to be a long day when

before noon, your day has involved, blood, a tourniquet and a cut that nearly required a trip to the ER because it wouldn't stop bleeding.

Right now my laundry sink and my right arm look like props from a bad B horror movie. I really despise the dipshit who did some of the work to this house before I bought it. We were working here today so that some of our guys could get a few more hours for the week and while I was trying to figure out what was going on with some pipes, I managed to slice my arm on a piece of exposed sheet metal that was serving as a strap for the furnace exhaust. The bastards who did the work were too cheap to buy actual straps so they just did cut up some sheet metal and used that instead. This has the net result of producing four very nice and sharp knives at each place where they used it.

In all honesty, it is a relatively small cut, but it was pretty deep. Immediately after cutting myself I saw blood practically pouring out of the cut and puddling on the floor. Fortunately all the blood made it look quite a bit worse than it was but it was still somewhat disconcerting to have that happen.

Now I'm going to sit here and veg a bit while the guys finish up some other stuff.




Why are people so dumb? It's become my goal to never do work on my house that will cause the next owners to hate/bleed/die. Do all old homes have hidden death traps?
For the record that has always been my policy with the work I do. If something I build/make maims/hurts/kills someone, I think that qualifies as a major flaw in the design (unless I happen to be designing something specifically intended to maim/hurt/kill someone ;)
I really hope you were referring to the folks who did the work that caused my injury :-p

You know what tho? You made me feel a WHOLE lot better about my day!
Glad to have been of service.

ok...I have to ask...

are you really listening to "Hurt" or is that a pun

Re: ok...I have to ask...

Believe it or not I was listening to that. It relates to the previous entry when I was listening to the Johnny Cash version. I was in a "listen to originals and covers" mood and it was on the playlist. Usually the current music is what I'm actually listening to unless it just happens to be something that I was listening to recently in which case random and next song usually brings up somethign new.

Granted I have been known to pick songs to listen to when I'm going to do a post and I'm in the mood to listen to something in particular. Heh, sometimes it seems like I pay way too much attention to the music I'm listening to.
bet you didn't snap any photos while you were bleeding all over, huh? just asking. glad you didn't need stitches.

Nah. I seriously thought about it, but by the time I got the blood flow under control it wasn't quite as impressive looking and I had other stuff to deal with so I didn't get around to it.

If I had though you could be sure I would have posted the pictures and I wasn't sure that anyone would be all that thrilled to see my little house of horrors :-p