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Post M-Day report....

Well my house, my critters, and I survived the first ever Family Gathering hosted at my place. What was particularly cool is that everyone seemed to enjoy themselves more so than they usually do. This is probably due to the fact that I have more toys and nifty things than most folks know what to do with.

Folks kicked back watching basketball for a while, kids and older folks played video games, other hung out eating lots of good food and chatting, yet more people hung out in the basement doing the darts thing, and still more hung out on the porch chatting. I think everyone was more or less shocked at how the house has turned out so far. It's at the point where it's quite presentable but I can already point out a couple of dozen improvements that I've made to it so I get slack for anything that isn't done yet (i.e. things are on a living to-do list, not permanently needing to be done).

I had a good time with "mi Familia" and I was able to avoid getting in any arguements or "debates" with anyone. This made me happy. I think this has been the best get together to date. The younger kids also had a blast playing with the dogs and I think the dogs had fun too (both had that silly goofy happy dog lying in shade look to them once the kids left). Gilbert inadvertenly suggested a possibly interesting name for the new puppy. Dusty. He was specifically referring to her fine coating of dust when he arrived, but I think naming her in honor of Dusty Springfield might be kind of cool. Still thinking about it though.

Current possible names are:

Jool (Farscape character)
Delirium (which would probably be shortened to Del)
Mia (as in Mrs. Mia Wallace)

Hmmmm.... Comments?


The names all sound great to me becuase it would be easy to yell them out the back door. :)

And I'm so happy that your house is turning out so well. I feel like such a slacker for not having more done. But I think once we get this new furniture my mom is giving us and I get my veggie garden set up, it will get much easier to work on home improvement. *crossing fingers*
Yeah, one of the keys in selecting a good pet name is finding one that you won't feel silly calling out repeatedly if they get lost :)

My dad did have an amusing suggestion of naming her "Como Tu" (like you). Apparently one of his friends named his dog that years ago and it would always confuse new people ("Why did you name your dog after me?"). I'm not thinking of using that suggestion but it was amusing.

I don't think you're being at all slack with your house. Remember, I have something of an unfair advantage in that I can send my workers out there to do stuff when work is a bit slow. Besides, I have quite a few things left to do (including a newly discovered problem with the 1st floor bathroom). My yard is looking better than it did, but I'm still nowhere near having a nice garden. So far all I've managed to do is plant some rose bushes in the front planter in time for M-Day and clear out an assload of yard garabage/debris that the previous owners left.
and you have your good friend Dave (aka puny muscles) to help move stuff around too :-P
Dusty! I love Dusty Springfield.... who knew a white girl could sing like that.. you know?

I'm also vaguely surprised that you haven't named a dog Gromit yet....
Dusty and Delirium are probably the front runners right now although Mia is still a contender.

Gromit is a boy. The puppy isn't. I had several possible boy dog names thought out because I thought I would be buying the puppy from a breeder. My sudden trip to the pound sort of threw that plan out the window. Still though, she's really a perfect puppy and she and Zhaan seem to be getting along fabulously. She's totally spoiled though. She can't stand being alone anymore. If I take her away from Zhaan and leave her alone she gets very upset. She has to know that someone is nearby. Hopefully this is a puppy thing that she'll outgrow.
i like delirium, but "del" will sound like "dell". how about "liri" instead if you go with delirium?
That's a good idea.

of course that does sound a lot like "leary" or "lear" but that's not necessarilly a Bad Thing.
Del...Taco hehe it just echoes in my head after hearing/saying "Del"...


I thought your dog's name was literally "TBA" and I thought that was clever as hell.

Re: TBA?

Well given my current indecisiveness, it might well remain TBA at this rate. I've had the dog over a week and she's still nameless. That's getting up there with Morticia who was nameless for about 2 weeks (but seeing as how cats don't often answer to their names it wasn't a big deal which name she was ignoring at the time).

Right now the front runners are Delirium and Sakura.

Re: TBA?

Luci...short for something that may freak the holy rollers next door :-P

otherwise, I'd go with Mia...and I'll promise to NEVER rub her paws LOL!