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Early morning ramblings....

Well I went out clubbing/dancing w/ Dave, Martin, Shannon, Gina, and some other folks.

Just got in after hanging out at Denny's for an hour or so.

I had a really good time although I did find myself doing more thinking than adviseable a few times when I was sitting around. Still though, I danced enough to not really think myself into a bad mood so that's a Good Thing (tm).

Now I'm tired and sleepy and feeling relaxed. Nothing has actually be sorted out, but dancing the night away with a gorgeous girl rubbing up against you has a way of putting life into perspective (even is she is just a very friendly friend).
Perhaps not the best perspective, but an interesting one nonetheless.

Oh, and for the record I was dropped off at home and I'm going to sleep alone. I'm being good and not complicating matters any. In fact I actively made a point of not letting things get complicated. So go me.

Yeah, go me to bed.

I'll ramble more about this later. After my eyes stop trying to close involuntarilly.

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