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Advanta Bank Corp Sucks Ass.

So we've had business credit cards with Advanta Bank Corp for several years.

Until recently we were fairly happy with their service and terms etc... However today we got a letter from them. It did not make me a happy camper

This is the text of the front. It was in very nice, clear 12 pt text:

Dear *my dad's name*,

As a loyal Advanta customer, you know that the Advanta BusinessCard provides you with the flexibility you need to manage your cash flow and control your business finances. Now, we are pleased to announce another cardholder benefit - hotel discounts. You can receive discounts at select properties of up to 30% at over 4,000 participating locations.

The reverse side of this letter includes important information regarding changes to the terms and conditions governing your account. Please take the time to read this information and keep it with your Advanta BusinessCard Agreement.

At Advanta we are committed to providing superior products and services to you, the small business executive. We appreciate you choosing the Advanta BusinessCard for your business needs and are pleased to be able to offer hotel savings for Advanta Cardholders.



The back included a full page of single spaced 6pt type with one section that was actually in 4pt type. Amongst all the random stuff thrown in, they included an increase to our APR of a bit over 14%. Not only that, but the increase was broken up in the different sections in the back so that it wouldn't look so big even if you did trudge through and read it all. It took me about 15 minutes to sort out what they were doing.

So did we accept the changes?

Ummm no. They can fuck off. So I responded with:

Advanta Bank Corp.
PO Box *****
Salt Lake City, Utah *****

Re: *our company* Credit Card Account.
Attention: Credit Card Agreement

Dear Mr. *Asshole*

As loyal Advanta Customers we were quite dismayed to receive your letter of May 15,2003. The vague new benefit of "hotel discounts" was a particularly poor disguise for the true purpose of your letter. Clearly your are expecting that at least some of your "loyal customers" would not take the time to make out the details in the small print on the back of your letter. Apparently you were hoping that we would not notice the significant increase to our APR that you suspiciously placed towards the end of your letter.

As instructed in your letter we are sending you this timely notice to inform you that we DO NOT accept the modified terms for our BusinessCard Agreement. Please go ahead and close our account with you company and rest assured that we will think twice before bringing any new business to you in the future. Please be sure to note in any reports to any credit bureaus that we choose to cancel our account with you. We will be checking with them in the near future to verify that you correctly report this.

At *our company*, we are committed to maintaining long term business relationships with companies that treat us fairly and with respect and courtesy. Advanta Bank Corp. has shown us how they treat small businesses and we are not at all impressed. We appreciate your non-specific offer of "hotel savings" as well as your very specific proposed increase in APR, however we must decline both. Good luck trying to mislead your other "loyal customers"


*my folks*

Grrr-argh..... If you're going to make the effort to screw me over at least have the courtesy of letting me know that's what you're trying to do. Don't hide it in the small print.

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