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Hmmmm... only in El Paso...

I just got an odd call. It was a survey. This was the extent of it:

Me: Hello?
Caller: Buenas Noches, con Don Victor Morales
Me: Uhhh.... speaking... errr hablando....
Caller: Muy bien. (identifies himself) estamos conduciendo un estudio
Me: uh-huh
Caller: Tengo une pregunta, usted habla Ingles?
Me: Si
Caller: Y siente que lo habla bien?
Me: Si
Caller: Bueno. Muchas gracias, buenas noches.

For those of you non-Spanish speakers, the whole survey was: Do you speak English? Do you feel that you speak it well?

Ummm... I must be missing the point of this survey because it seems that it would make a few thousand times more sense to ask that question in something like... I dunno... English? Normally I would suspect a prank caller, but the caller ID says that its an unknown caller which around these parts equals call center (the few prank calls I've received were from "blocked" numbers).

I suppose its possible for that call/survey to be for non-English speakers and they figured out what the situation was based on how I answered the phone, but still. Very odd.... The sad thing, of course, being that I would actually believe that someone conducting a survey here would do it like that.


Oh joy!

Some of the things I might get to look forward to! ;)

Re: Oh joy!

Yeah, you get annoying telemarketers bugging you in two languages!! ;)

The only reason I picked up the phone that time was so that I could do the "I officially request that you put me on your do not call list." By the time he was done I was just rather confused.