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Awesome Sandcastles

Continuing in today's theme of outdoor geek-ness,

Check out some Sand "Castles" (or at least castle related sand objects). Warning, there are big-ish pictures hiding behind the links.

A very cool looking Dragon.

This k-niggit has had a run in with the business end of a lance.

A very imposing kitty.

An some ex-fellows. These chaps have ceased to be, they are no more.


these are totally cool! did you take these pics or is there an original website? i ask because my art teachers at new world arranged a yearly outing to the beach (think high school kids running around in swimsuit tops... hmm...) where we'd spend the afternoon making giant sand sculptures. we had some cool ones but we only had a few hours and they never got this detailed.

going to school in miami is not bad.
Actually my sister sent me the pics. I can aske her where she found them if you like. I was just blown away by them though. It almost looks like they might have used the sand that is used in molds in order to get all that detail.

Sounds like that was a fun high school outing.

going to school in miami is not bad.

Heh, I nominate that phrase for understatement of the year :-p