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purple dragon

woo-hoo, mini-brrrrrr :)

There may yet be hope for this winter. Its actually mildly cool tonight. Probably not really cold enough to wear my coat, but its only November, perhaps by December it will be chilly enough. If not I'm just going to have to go to Boston to visit folks ;)


I was surfing your website...Do ya have any pics of you?
Nope, no pictures online... almost no pictures at all in fact. Normally, if I see a camera pointed in my direction I dive behind the nearest large object. There's probably a few pictures of my shoe or pant leg diving behind a couch, but that's pretty much it ;) Heh, camera shy doesn't begin to describe it :-p


Awww.... Ya should have at least one of you!


She's right, ya know, us poor people who haven't had the opportunity to meet you in person get curious. But you can be forgiven, I've known quite a few camera shy people (I never can figure out why people are camera shy tho).

Re: Agreed

ok ok ok ok ;)

I'll try to find or take a halfway decent picture sometime during the upcoming holiday season (since that seems to be when I am most often avoiding photos ;).

Somehow I always end up looking terrible in my pictures. I can think of 3 photos of me that I actually liked... and those were mostly because of the other people in them :).