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Monday, part d'oh

Seriosuly, today still feels like Monday.

I have a metric assload of work to do and enough errands to run to make it unlikely that I'll finish it all.

You know, I really tend to dislike 4-day weeks. They always end up feeling like 4 consecutive Mondays. Sometimes the 4-day weeks end up feeling like a full 7-day week....

... of Mondays.



You should try a 3 day week. Being forced to use vacation time, I had yesterday off. It is 1:27pm Eastern and I have JUST answered/completed all the emailed jobs/questions/tasks that were sitting here in my outlook inbox for me. I haven't even STARTED doing real work yet. I have SEVERAL huge projects looming and deadlines that suck ass.

I'm messuring the stress in metric assloads from now on. cubic yards just got surpassed... :)
I love my hours. Four days on, four days off. Even if every day sucks, I have every other four days to recoup.