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Woo-hoo... Eddie Izzard & Visiting Boston...

So tickets to Eddie Izzard are on sale now.

I'm aiming to go to one of his Boston shows. This will allow me to kill multiple proverbial birds with a single proverbial stone or trip or something like that. Anyways, I mentioned this to a couple of people so far but does anyone want to get a mob together to go?

The shows are Tuesday 10/21/03 - Saturday 10/25/03 at 8pm and I'd like to get tickets in the not too distant future. Since I'll be visiting I don't care all that much about which date is picked but I definitely want to be able to go and I'd be psyched for some good company while there. Let me know as I'd like to try to get tickets this weekend if possible.


I'm so there dude

I can't go on Tuesday or Thursday nights, but Wednesday, Friday or Saturday night all sound good to me. I'll also go informing other nifty people about it and see if something can't be arranged ;)

I'm so there dude

Either of those three days works for me. I'm inclined to think it will be easier to get tickets for Wednesday but who knows. You can definitely count me in for your mob.
Gah! We already got tickets for 10/21. Our friend Dave is an Izzard fanatic, so he got the three of us tix today.

Silver Lining

Well if nothing else at least I know when you'll be in town :).

Once I get tickets to the show I'll figure out what my travel plans are and let folks know so I can arrange to meet up with everyone for at least a little while.
dude, eddie izzard in boston! thank you for informing me!
no problem... so long as you don't end up buying the last two tickets or something :-p
Cool! You're welcome to crash at our place.


you guys should go to the show!

Thanks, crash space is always a good thing. There's a fairly high probability that I will take you up on that offer.