Dragon -V- (dragonvpm) wrote,
Dragon -V-

House: Quick Appraisal Rambling

I turned in my ptotest to my house's appraisal today.

They increased its appraised value by about $1,500, but part of that is based on the fact that half of the basement is listed as living space (i.e. it has heating and cooling). That's not really accurate and I'm going to try and get them to remove the basement from the living space calculations entirely. That should knock off 2-3k from the value and that would reduce my taxes for the year a decent bit. We're not talking a huge difference, but it would probably be enough to pay for my trip and that's reason enough to do it :).

I'll also be handling my dad's protest for his house. He got it appraised last year and it came out about $13,000 less than what they have with the county. It should be fairly straightforward to get it knocked down to the appraised value (I hope). It's funny, my house benefits from being in a fairly nice neighborhood but it's still in rough shape aesthetically. My dad's house is in pretty good shape (more or less) but it suffers from being in a relatively low value neighborhood. However, this year it'll be cool if we can pull this off because then my dad can file for his senior citizen exemption in October and the property taxes on his house won't go up anymore.... ever. That's kind of neat.

So we'll see when I get to go deal with this. This will be my first "real" protest of tax stuff although I did go a couple of years ago because they had made a mistake in how the split up some of our property. That protest didn't affect the amount we had to pay, it just split the amount from one lot onto two lots. Knowing me, I'll probably over-prepare and then find that the county folks dealing with this don't care all that much about what my protests are about.

Eh, anyways. The joys of home-ownership continue.

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