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On second thought let's just try to chill a bit....

Ok, I refuse to leave my journal on such a "I'm pissed and annoyed and grumpy" note. On some level I still am, but on the bright side, I did get to chat with L a little while ago and she might call tonight so I have something pleasant to look forward to.

Sometimes it surprises me how easily I can slide from being annoyed and unhappy and generally disgruntled one minute to being relaxed and enjoying a conversation with a friend the next. Sometimes ADD can come in quite handy as a survival mechanism.


Speaking of the phone, how is it working out without a landline?
Cell phone land is peachy.

It helps that I live like right in the middle of the city though. I know a few folks who live in quasi-dead spots and that tends to affect how well just having a cell phone works.

I think the biggest change has been learning to not look for the blinking light from the answering machine when I walk in the front door :).

I did end up buying an AC-DC converter so that I could use my car charger in the house on the first floor. That serves 2 purposes. A) I can now charge phone downstairs, B) I can talk on the phone while it charges. The cradle that came with it is to bulky to use while the phone is on it and it obstructs the jack for the headset. Minor design flaw, but oh well.

For practical purposes the only things I've had to get used to are carrying the phone around with me all the time (it's tiny so that's no big deal) and remembering to charge it often so that I don't run out of juice during a call.

Ok, that was a good example of rambling. So yeah, the cell phone is cool. No complaints yet, but then again I had pretty much determined that the landline was redundant before I got rid of it. The only downside is that I definitely can't get dsl now.

All things considered I'm pretty happy with the current setup.


Wow. I wasn't expecting a dissertation on it... Thanks for the info! I will be land line dependent for most of my life, living out here in cow country. Try as we might, without opposable thumbs, the farm life just doesn't seem to want to use cell service.