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Perhaps I shouldn't....

... be an interior decorator.

I had to take some pictures for work today and I took these of my work area:

Organized Chaos (a/k/a my desk).

Albert, the Geek Deer

and finally...

Rudolph, the Construction Deer

My dad was being difficult when he insisted that his stuffed deer had to stay in their spots when my desk ended up beneath them. Being the practical sort that I can be, I decided to store things on them. If I was in pretentious artiste mode I'd say that they represent the duality of my nature. The builder and the thinker. The yin and the yang of the Dragon.

The real reason they're sill there is that even after 4 years they never fail to make me chuckle when I walk into the office. Not a bad way to start off the work day.


deEr...or was it done on purpose?


A little of both.

When I saw the pictures I thought "oh deer" as a play on words. When I photoshopped them I ended up naming them "oh dear" and by the time I wrote the entry, I didn't catch that. Unfortunately spell-check couldn't save me from that kind of blender ;)

Double D'oh

LJ is being a dildo.

I tried posting that last reply 3 times and it kept giving me "can't post" errors. Somehow it managed to post it 3 times despite saying it couldn't.

Sorry 'bout that.

Clearly it's time to crash before I manage to crash the internet :)

Re: Double D'oh

all I see on my subject lines is "D'oh" "D'oh" "D'oh" and I'm thinking either lj's screwing up or Homer's spirit has taken over his machine.. hmmm LOL!
so, um, how often is it that you find a need for steak sauce while at work?
I was gonna ask the same thing...but I can't really say much because I have a bottle of Tobasco sitting on my desk...
i especially like the juxtaposition of your diploma with the deers.
I recall we've discussed both our parents' affinity for wood paneling. For some reason, with the deer mounted on the wall, it looks rather appropriate there :-P

I didn't notice the other day but is the gun case still to the left of your desk? Made me chuckle to think how close you are to firearms at any given moment of the work day...scared when you talk about the pissiness some people give you LOL!