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Ok, its officially another fall/winter now....

...because I'm kinda sick.

Don't know why exactly, but I always manage to get kinda (or extremely) sick right around the time it goes from warm/hot to cool/cold (according to my body there are 2 seasons ;). Its usually just not so bad, today's version just involves a headache and generally crappy feeling, but its actually mostly gone at this point (so that's cool). I've actually been feeling bleh for the last few days, but today was the first/only day that I've been feeling really bad for a while. Oh well.

We didn't get the backhoe fixed. It appears that it might have more serious problems thanks to that shitty mechanic we were dealing with. This new guy seems a lot more clueful though so I'm looking forward to getting a better idea of how to do more significant work on car in general (I've never actually gotten to see an engine ripped apart and put back together... should be fun :)))))

Oh, and its sunny again. We had relatively dreary miserable weather until around noon when it cleared up and the sun dried things off... that's pretty much par for the course here. I was passed out for about 4 hours after working on the backhoe... I pretty much crawled into bed didn't even take off my glasses and was out for a nice long while. I'm awake and a I just had cheap Chinese take-out... that always seems to make everything better ;)... Still have a mild headache though.


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