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Wet Dog...

Random other stuff to post but I haven't quite felt inspired enough to sit down and do it.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of Saks enjoying the new Kiddie errr... doggie pool.

Ok, so technically they're pictures taken in between bouts of her enjoying the new pool. I kept trying to get pictures of her in the pool, but she kept leaping into the pool, running around in it for a second and then leaping out of the pool so all I could get were brown blurs inside the pool. These three I ended up taking while inside the pool (otherwise she would keep running from the pool to me). I suspect once the temps start hanging out at 100+ Saks and perhaps even Zhaan will start spending more time in the pool instead of just romping through (Zhaan still looks at Saks like she's insane for willingly jumping in the pool).

Anyways here are the pictures:

Muddy Wet Dog

Wet Dog about to jump into wet pool

Wet Dog actually sitting when told to


She is in fact named for the Farscape character.

Two points :)

I really loved that show. Too bad it got cancelled :(