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Now we're cooking....

<insert appropriate manly grunting sounds a la Home Improvement>

Dude, I got a grill!

That's right, I just picked up a grill, because clearly when things are rough and the future is uncertain, there is nothing better than investing in a new, manly way of producing fire, smoke, food, and third degree burns. I had been putting it off for a while but my mom kept bringing it up and and I finally found a very nifty (and better yet, very inexpensive) grill at Wallyworld . The shopping experience was entertaining. The guy selling it was pitching all of the monster grills with a bazillion BTUs, a dozen or so burners, mini-bars, superchargers, and do-it-yourself angioplasty kits.

After listening to him for a couple of minutes I asked for it by price (Dave and I saw it last weekend), and I was led to the appropriate dimly lit corner of the store where the non-fancy grills were hidden away. Low and behold, my grill was a whole $40.00 cheaper than I expected. Of course I hadn't entirely anticipated the cost of buying the propane tank (Alton said it was ok to cook with propane so :-p) so it ended up coming out even once I included cooking tools (I didn't think plastic forks would survive). All in all a good experience.

So, now that I am a proud errrr amused grill owner, it looks likely that the Morales clan will be getting together at my place for a Pop's Day Barbecue. This should be interesting. I may do a mini BBQ beforehand in order to try it out and make sure it's working properly. However, now I get to look forward to assembling it this afternoon[*]

Fire! Fire! Fire!

[*] - yes, as we have previously established, I am an engineer and a geek and I really enjoy getting to assemble things like this ;). Buying new toys comes with the joy of having new toys to play with and the pleasure of getting to put them together ('Some assembly required? Dude, score!'). This is why I have a billion or so Legos and not much of a social life ;).

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