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Home Decor....

Groovy, I hadn't noticed until a little while ago, but I won an auction for one of these. What's even better is I got it significantly cheaper than what most of the others were selling for.

Now just to find a place for this fellow.



"Now just to find a place for this fellow."

How tall is it? I've seen the teeny ones (like one we got at Newbury Comics) that that looks way bigger!

Re: Wow!

It's supposed to be 20" tall, which I'd say makes it freaking huge. I was quite psyched when I saw that this critter existed a few days ago. Now I just have to wait for him to be delivered.

Re: Wow!

i think my room would be an excellent spot ;)
You can just ship him to me and I will keep him safe ;P
we must never go shopping together for home decor. ;)

Totally Unrelated...

Remember when I was telling you the other day that the neighbors left A LOT of trash?

To reference the size of it. The worker there is about 5'8"...

Everything in that truck, w/ the exception of a few clippings from the vines (that were in OUR yard) came from INSIDE the house...I went out there and said (In spanish) "Man, all that was in the house?" He says, "Yeah. Now we can get to work fixing what's broken inside. These people left it a mess. They live like animals." LOL!