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Random Useless Phone Trivia

Two things came to mind after I started wondering this. Which is scarier? The fact that I was really truly and honestly curious to know this, or the fact that I had the information handy enough so as to figure it out in about 5 minutes (that includes taking the time to make this post).

I got my phone on 02/13/03

I've had it 130 days.

So far it's call time is 63:22:50 and there have been 788 calls.

That means that each call is taking an average of 4m50s and I get an average of 6.06 calls per day.


how many are me calling saying "Hey dude, I'm here" :-P

Call time- 27:25:48

recieved- 6:55:15, dialed calls, 20:30:33, Last call? 48 seconds. getting voice mail! :)