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New decorations....

So, this weekend, I felt crappy and I had to work a decent bit, but I also cleaned up the house and setup some of my new decorations.... Here's a few pictures of one of my favorites....

Introducing Femur:

Femur playing Ms. Pac-Man
Another shot of Femur
Looking over Femur's shoulder

In case you're wondering, yes, I do plan on leaving Femur there for the foreseeable future. He spent most of the last 2 weeks sitting in a chair in my living room, but that was getting old, and I was worried someone would step on his feet (you'll notice he's actually a tiny bit off the ground now)

After thinking about it a b it, I figured this was a good, visible, but out of the way spot. My house has an "open floorplan", so the dining room is more or less part of the living room and kitchen and this is setup and visible from all three rooms. I'm quite pleased with that setup. This is the infamous tempermental Ms. Pac-Man machine that I mentioned a while back. It spends half its time not working, so for those times, Femur can hang there and keep my guests and I amused....


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