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I think we're due for some plagues soon....

So let's see... today my schedule has been:

8:15 - Wake up late
8:30 - Cereal with no milk because it's expired and looking rather menacing
9:00 - Head to work
9:07 - Head back home because I forgot some hardware in the garage
9:15 - Determine that the garage needs a serious bug bombing
9:20 - Make that an atomic bug bombing
9:45 - Finally find what I need and head to work
10:00 - Near Death Experience
10:15 - Try to calm down after NDE
10:30 - Try not to puke after NDE
10:45 - Post about NDE (moral imperative after all)
11:45 - Lunch
12:00 - Realize NDE post didn't go through the first time, try again...
12:15 - This post

Umm... given the direction my day is taking.... I'm halfway expecting to look out the window and see a mushroom cloud before dinner.

The funny thing being that I'm actually not in a bad mood. I had been thinking about a lot of stuff lately and for some reason I just decided that I was over feeling gloomy and depressed[*]. Work is still stressing me out a decent bit and so are my folks, but looking around I see that I also have some cool people in my life that are making all this quite a bit more bearable. Even though most of them aren't here, there are some folks out there that are definitely being very cool friends.

So, I'm going to try and reclaim my mellow and relaxed state of mind through any other work and family stuff that comes up. I can look forward to some cool visits and trips in the next several months, and there's plenty of geeky (and not so geeky ;) stuff to keep me busy, entertained, and.... yeah, reasonably happy.

[*] - Ed. Note: This is subject to change depending on what the-powers-that-be thwack me with next.


i'm GLAD you didn't get taken out by some psycho nut in a yellow civic! whew!
Well what do you expect from 'dem dare furin' rice grinders?
Glad your still among the living. Hope the rest of you day was ok.