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Mission Accomplished (sort of)

Well, despite a 2 hour delay, I survived my encounter with this ARB.

They lowered my house's appraised value so that it came out about $500.00 less than last year's value (my house is literally worth less ;). I didn't get it quite as low as I had hoped to, but given that property values generally go up, I think any decrease should count as a win. Besides, since the CAD wanted to raise the appraised value a decent little bit, coming out below last year's value is a Good Thing.

I was a bit surprised at just how snarky the lady that represented the CAD was though. The Board members were pretty cool and they seemed genuinely interested in coming up with a fair appraisal, but the CAD lady seemed determined to prove that the CAD's proposed valuation was "right". I suppose this has something to do with the fact that El Paso is already taxing property at the maximum or nearlyt he maximum so the only way the county can come up with more $$ is to increas property values.

Eh, whatever. I'll write this up as another one of those interesting learning experiences that life is throwing at me now that I own a house. If not for the 2 hours I spent dozing in the waiting room, I would have probably just found this rather fascinating. The waiting was annoying because I showed up on time and then had to wait to plead my case. I did end up with a few questions about legal stuff so I think I'm going to look up some of the real estate information/laws in question for future reference. Yeah, I'm a geek :-p.