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Funky Purple Bus

Sometimes I find it amusing that this city attracts more than it's share of gray haired old hippies (ok, it's also a little scary at times ;).

How else would you find something like this in one of the ritzier neighborhoods?

I damn near caused an accident when I saw this behemoth. Seriously. It was the most perfect "What the?!?!?" moment ever, I ended up circling back to check it out again and I eventually just stopped so I could walk over and take some decent pictures of it.

Is it coming or going? The back end of the bus

Plus a good shot of the front.

and finally, this little bit amused me and made my afternoon.

Amen! ;)


Someone has access to too many spare internations...

and how ironic that it has Maine plates on it. I've met people in Maine that are just this.... eccentric? LOL.
Other than laughter, I'm speechless!
a friend and i drove past that bus twice while looking at a house in the area. we are trying to find a place in that neighborhood with at least 4 bedrooms. it is impossible(to find something in our budget)...
you might try looking over in the Manhattan Heights area. There are quite a few rental houses available and they're a good bit cheaper than Kern.

The lady I bought my house from used to take her kids over to Mesita Elementary on a daily basis and she said the drive wasn't too bad (it only got annoying when she had to do it several times a day to drop off/pick up different kids.
i LOVE this bus.
Heh, I'm not sure that I'm quite that fond of it, but it did please me greatly to know that there are people in the world who would come up with the idea and actually make it happen.


Awesome Bus

Kewl Bus. Any chance you can get a picture of the people that ride in it?
Irene Yan
that's gotta be at least three different vehicles put together, right?
wonderful! beautiful!
Yup, it's either 3 or 4 busses, but I'm guessing it's probably 3. I'm curious to see the inside of it, but I don't know if I'm quite adventurous enough to go up and ask the people who live there if I can look into it.