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Funky Purple Bus

Sometimes I find it amusing that this city attracts more than it's share of gray haired old hippies (ok, it's also a little scary at times ;).

How else would you find something like this in one of the ritzier neighborhoods?

I damn near caused an accident when I saw this behemoth. Seriously. It was the most perfect "What the?!?!?" moment ever, I ended up circling back to check it out again and I eventually just stopped so I could walk over and take some decent pictures of it.

Is it coming or going? The back end of the bus

Plus a good shot of the front.

and finally, this little bit amused me and made my afternoon.

Amen! ;)


a friend and i drove past that bus twice while looking at a house in the area. we are trying to find a place in that neighborhood with at least 4 bedrooms. it is impossible(to find something in our budget)...
you might try looking over in the Manhattan Heights area. There are quite a few rental houses available and they're a good bit cheaper than Kern.

The lady I bought my house from used to take her kids over to Mesita Elementary on a daily basis and she said the drive wasn't too bad (it only got annoying when she had to do it several times a day to drop off/pick up different kids.