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With staff like this....

I had to swing by the PSB again this morning.

The guy I was supposed to talk to wasn't around. One of the other guys who "works" (and I use the term lightly) came up to me and said "Oh, I think he went out to lunch." I glanced at the wall coock 10:45am....

He noticed what I was looking at.

Drone: "No wait, I think he went to a meeting"
Me: "Oh? So when will he be back?"
Drone: "Ummm... Sometime after 1pm I think"

Am I the only person who would seriously suspect that they serve fries and drinks at the "meeting" he's at?


You know, all things considered stuff like that has never bothered me all that much because being able to deal with people like that makes it easier to look impressive.

I've actually gotten to know those folks decently well so I know they're not being dicks, but I do find it interesting how civil service jobs do tend to breed a certain level of apathy towards work.

I've alays preffered interacting with people who are a bit obsessive and psycho about their work. There's just something about being passionate about what you do that is infinately more appealing than being able to take advantage of slack in the office.
another on the list of "People I'd Like To Kick" :-P

btw...did you know the new movie "Sinbad" was done entirely using Linux? LOL they just mentioned it on Foxnews...thought that was funny and that you'd get a giggle out of that
hmm.. wonder how far up your eyebrow went...
Pretty far up.

It was also combined with the "Look of Doubt and Mistrust" so the overall effect was one of "yeah.... riiiiight..."
Nah, I'm sure he came in very early that morning ... ;)
Oh yeah, before 11, that is quite early for them :-p