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With staff like this....

I had to swing by the PSB again this morning.

The guy I was supposed to talk to wasn't around. One of the other guys who "works" (and I use the term lightly) came up to me and said "Oh, I think he went out to lunch." I glanced at the wall coock 10:45am....

He noticed what I was looking at.

Drone: "No wait, I think he went to a meeting"
Me: "Oh? So when will he be back?"
Drone: "Ummm... Sometime after 1pm I think"

Am I the only person who would seriously suspect that they serve fries and drinks at the "meeting" he's at?


another on the list of "People I'd Like To Kick" :-P

btw...did you know the new movie "Sinbad" was done entirely using Linux? LOL they just mentioned it on Foxnews...thought that was funny and that you'd get a giggle out of that