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Wrench Time

Well, in a few minutes, I'm going to start working on Molly. I suspect that I'll be doing this all day as there are many random little things that need to be done. Changing the motor oil and filter , transmission filter and fluid, gas filter, air filter, and check for any other random things that may need fixing.

Generally, I enjoy this stuff, but this time around it's a bit eh, since I am doing this to see if I can avoid a trip to the mechanic's and I figure there is a 50/50 chance that this stuff will resolve the problems I'm currently noticing in her. Eh, we'll see.

Anyways, time to go be a grease monkey.


Good luck with that! I just did a tuneup on my mothers 98' Mercury Mystique because she was having some power and gas milage issues, which, at 70k miles it needed it anyway but when pulling out the spark plugs there was quite a bit of oil in both cylenders 1 and 4... She was none too pleased to hear that. My guess is either piston rings or valve seal. LOL Either way she fucked... But hopefully if she takes it easy (which she usually only drives it about 15 miles a day tops) it should last a little while. But I told her that she should try to get rid of it before it starts making a whole lot of un-healthy noises which will drop the trade in value significantly.... Well, I guess the moral of the story was good luck, and hi, I just added you to my friends list caus' Amanda reccomended you. LOL :) Later!