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Tactical Miscalculation


My yard has a slight problem. The driveway doesn't quite get enough shade during the afternoon. This made working out there rather difficult/impossible. I had grown up working at my parent's place where my big annoyance was that there was no nice place to work on the cars. This meant that you had to just park yourself under a tree and get to work. Now, I have a very nice setup for doing the work, but it's not properly shaded. I'm going to have to do something about that.

I did (stubbornly)stay out for a while but eventually I punted for a bit and just as I was heading out because I saw it was getting cloudy, it starts to rain. Yup, rain. So yeah, today it was either hot enough to cook an egg on the sidewalk, or time to place an order for an ark. Great... just great...

Eh, the rain shouldn't last very long, but we'll have to see how much daylight is left by the time I can work out there again.

Fortunately I did get some of the stuff done, but I still need the 2 big items. So far it looks like all the parts are correct so I really just need to figure out how/where I'm going to collect the used oil, and I need to find my oil filter wrench. Fun Fun Fun.

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