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purple dragon

Some pictures...

...but not of me ;)

Well since the topic of pictures recently came up, I figured I'd take some random ones of my house. I'll probably take more as I get things straightened up (its a wee bit messy right now), but for now here's some more random pics..

My Workbench: All through college I'd end up working on computers and whatnot on the bed, on the kitchen table, even on the floor etc... and that got on my nerves, so when I moved into my house, I converted one of the closets into a workbench with storage space. This way I can close the doors if I want to leave something sitting around and I'm having someone over.

The workbench has a network drop, a monitor, keyboard, mouse and power cable, and lots of outlets so I can bring in any computer (or most anything else for that matter) and plug it in straight away. I also have general electrical tools, soldering stuff, model making stuff etc... This is also were I store most of the random computer bits that I've accumulated over the years... oh, and it houses the Mountain Dew fridge.

No no no, I didn't go out and buy a fridge just for that. During one of our demolition jobs, we came across a couple of fridges that looked to be salvageable, so my dad and I each got one. Once I got mine home, I realized that it fits quite nicely beneath the workbench.... Filling it with Mountain Dew was just amusing... and convenient ;).

So - yeah, just some random pics.