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Le Basement...

So, the big thing in my house that I want to change around is the basement.

It's not very well setup and a lot of space gets wasted down there. Granted, I'm not hard up for space in the house, but I would rather maximize it as much as possible. Eventually I'd like to have a media/pool room in big part of it along with a good sized exercise room, laundry room, bathroom and with some space for storage etc...

Not the easiest things in the world to fit in, but considering that I have about 960SF of space down there, I should be able to come up with something interesting.

So here it is:

The measurements are a little rough, but more or less accurate. I didn't get bogged down measuring out to inches on everything, I just wanted a good idea of areas and such.

The three unlabelled block in the middle of the basement represent columns that are supporting the house. So they can't be moved ;). The unlabelled block in the upper right corner corresponds to the living room chimney.

The door in the bottom left corner is the one that leads to the Stairway to Nowhere.

Front corresponds to the front of the house which would be at the bottom of this drawing (note to self, draw up a current/accurate set of plans for the 1st and 2nd floors).

I already have some ideas for where I want to go with this, but this is more or less what I'll be starting with....

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