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Light Wars...

I took these a few weeks ago, but I hadn't gotten around to posting them until now.

I am eccentric. My neighbors are freaks.

Case in point:

Let there be light! A whole lotta light....

That's right. For a relatively simple quinceanera (the hispanic equivalent of a Sweet 16, just done at 15) these people rented this:

Now, honestly, I can understand if you do this under certain circumstances. If you rented out a big ballroom and had lots of guests, or you have a good sized home out in the country etc... I wouldn't criticize it. A new theatre opening, perfect, bring it out, a new car dealership, sure why not... Basically if you have space of your own to put it, great. However, you don't put something like that in the middle of a normal neighborhood with narrow streets and neighbors close by. I was a couple of blocks away and I could still see and hear their party until the cops showed up around 1 or 2.

Also, the light rig was illegally parked and largely blocking access to my street when Dave and I drove by. We actually had to wait a few minutes before traffic (vehicle and pedestrian) cleared enough to turn into the street. I'd say this is a ghetto display of $$$. They do the party at their house with CDs on the "good" stereo, but they shell out cash so that half the city knows where their party is. Come to think of it that's another bizarre thing. It was a private party (they even had a doorman). Why have something that is designed to draw people? Did they just want to give the guy manning the door something to do?

The sad thing was that there weren't all that many people at the party.

People are strange.

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