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Attack of the 3am Insomnia...

It's 3 am and I am awake.

Once upon a time this would have been peachy.

Now it's somewhat annoying. I'm probably going to be up by 6 am.

I seem to be thinking too much so I'm not sure when I will actually sleep.


Let's try this sleep thing again.

*Update* 4:37am and I'm still awake :(


good night ;)

i shouldn't be up either. insomnia sucks though. i'd rather choose. hope you went off to bed.
I did, but I'm still awake.

Not sure if I fell asleep for a little while there.

I am soooooo going to be paying for this later today.
Okay, so now I have "Attack of the Ghost Riders" by the Raveonettes stuck in my head.
It's a good record, esp. at three a.m.
yeah it is... what's funny is that I noticed this post at about 4 this morning (and yes, 5hrs later I'm awake already) and Raveoonettes happened to be the current song on the playlist... but it was That Great Love Sound
So I hear the new album is "timeless," lots of sex and drugs lyrics.
And this one is in B flat major!

hola qué tal??

hi there Victor, greetings from Spain!!! I've ad you as a friend, hope you would do the same...
I'm amazed by your thingies...hahahah( cats, dogs, cars ) as you see we share a few interests! hope keep in touch.
Un abrazo!