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Making my bed...

lying in it and doing other things....

So, I haven't had a proper bed in a long time. I think it was probably my sophmore year in college when I gave up having a "bed" and just came up with different ways to deal with my mattress. For a long while bed = loft and that worked quite nicely in my dorm rooms. Once I got a house, making a loft seemed a bit... pointless (after all, I had an entire house), but actually buying a bed when I actually liked having my mattress/box spring on the floor seemed like a silly waste of $$.

FF a few years and I'v now moved to my current place and discovered that through a quirk of geometry, it was physically impossible to get a queen size box spring onto the 2nd floor. Hmmm... So I am now using a mattress on the floor. Given my tendancy to just dive into bed and to toss and turn a lot this is actually not a bad thing. Lately though, I've been having an urge to have a real bed again. Not some cheesy Wal-Mart thing, I mean a real solid, heavy, metal, bed. The kind of bed that costs $2,000+ and weighs as much as a small car. The kind of bed there is no way on Earth I could or would buy right now (if ever).

So sad.

but wait....

I have access to a welding rig (and assorted supplies). I know how to use said welding rig. Hmmmm.... This could be interesting.

Considering the fact that in the past 15 years or so I've maybe made my bed a dozen times, I find it highly amusing (in a silly sort of way) that I would seriously consider making my bed now and on this scale ;).

Last night I started drawing up plans for the headboard/footboard. I've also been pondering how to actually make the supporting parts of it. Ideally I'd like it to be comfy, but still very solid... I think I'm getting somewhere interesting with the overall design. Assuming I am happy with the results, I'll post them here at some point....


Hmmm... spikes...

I live by railroad tracks,

What a coincidence. I do too... Hmmm I may need to go for a walk around there in the not too distant future....

BTW, you live on the right or the wrong side of the tracks? :-p
Very familiar with the "impossible to get a queen box spring to the 2nd floor" concept. We bought a split box spring for both our bed and the guest bed. Also, you can just buy the mattresses with frame and then make your headboard and such later and attach it to the frame. but you probably already knew that. :)

Anyway, our split boxspring was a few hundred, maybe $4 or $5 iirc, so actually less than buying the pretty matching box spring to our very comfy mattress.

Oh wow. I didn't realize there was such a thing as a split box spring. Hmmm... I was actually thinking of going with a king size bed (since that's practically the only thing in my bedroom), but now that you mention that, I might now. Hmmmmm.... something else to ponder.


My dad has a split king (which is really two twin/fulls put together with a connector thingy) in his attic guest room. Though king size beds are a bit scary. You can actually fit three people comfortably side by side without touching. So when's there's only two people it's like sleeping by yourself, which sort of defeats the purpose of sleeping with somebody, IMHO. :)

Anyway, yes, there are split queen box springs and they move easily up tiny steps.
when's there's only two people it's like sleeping by yourself

ooh, but you can still snuggle up close... and you can do that spiffy thing where you start at once side of the bed and you both roll over and you don't fall off the bed! (this can actually be done on a full-size but you have to be REAL careful and start at the very edge and not go too far...)
Just having a mattress is very Green Day of you.
Ok, so now I'm going to feel very uncool but I'm curious so I have to ask...

Is that a good or a bad thing? ;)
through a quirk of geometry

y'know, i think if the plaster/walls had just a liiiiiiiiittle bit more give, we could have shoved the box spring up stairs :-P

as for the metal bed...why am I picturing something rather evil looking? Sorta like that grin you had that time I was standing in front of Winona..hmmm
My bed won't be evil looking.

Well, ok, maybe just a little evil looking.
I was apparently reading too quickly, and "welding rig" was processed as "wedding rig" the first time around.

Now I'm wondering what a wedding rig would be. ;)
A shotgun, ring, and veil. ;)