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So, in the past, I've pointed out how some of the retail establishments in El Paso tend to cater to a certain ummm.... non-maintstream clientel...

So, first off, we find an interesting supply of Steering Wheel covers. That's right, we came upon the Our Lady Steering Wheel Covers. Not only that, but they had a good supply of them in the upper shelf. We didn't notice at the time, but the upper shelf also had the Aztec Sun God Steering Wheel Cover.

Two classy automotive excessories ;).

But really, what's a steering wheel cover without an air freshner. Do you need something to hang off of your rearview mirror? Ghetto-Mart has just the things. Look at their fabulous selection of:

You can go from Soccer, to Mexican Soccer, to Christ, to Our Lady of Guadalupe, to a cheapo-fake rosary, angels, and finally the Ghetto Lowrider Smiley air freshner. Note that if you splurge on Jessus Saves, or Our Lady of Guadalupe they come in Three Packs!.

So yeah. This town can be pretty cool, but some people have really... different ideas of what is classy ("I think it's time we celbrated our differences." ... "Maybe just not in public"). Oh, and before I forget, if religion isn't your thing, you can always go with:


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