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A day in the life...

Today was a tough day.

Remarkably productive, but tiring nonetheless.

The day started off bright and early at 7 am when Molly's battery was dead. I'm going to have to look into this in the near future. It might have just been the fact that I didn't move her at all from Friday afternoon until Monday morning, but it's hard to say, hurray for more wrench time. Fortunately with Winona around I was able to give Molly a jump start and get out to the new jobsite soon enough.

Got to the jobsite, enjoyed the view and just chilled waiting for folks a few minutes. My dad and our workers showed up and we started to work. I was only there for a while to make sure that things like traffic control showed up on time and to make sure the job got started ok. Then I had to head out to the office to do office stuff.

Did office stuff for a while. Determined that I needed to head out to actually talk to a few people in person so I figured out who I needed to talk to and I made some calls before heading out. I know, my life sounds glamorous doesn't it? The nice thing being that everything worked out quite nicely today. It just took forever to get everything done.

I made my way back out to the jobsite to check on the progress, things were going along well, my dad and I had to do some measuring to see how deep the manholes we will be installing need to be. Normally the Water Co (a/k/a the PSB) is supposed to figure all these things out, but they frequently don't quite know what's actually going on out in the real world so we get to figure things out for them. Fun.

With that sorted out, I headed back across town to talk to the sales rep at the company that makes the manholes. She was very helpful and I was able to get delivery for the first manhole scheduled for tomorrow. Then I had to run out to the bank, and to one of our rental properties that's for rent. I had never really thought of the fact that I'm actually quite used to showing properties to people a la a real estate agent until this afternoon. Kind of weird really. Random job skill to add to the resume I guess (well if I had a resume that is ;). That was cool. I did a good pitch and the property is in very good shape so I'm pretty sure this person will rent it.

Headed back out to the jobsite and stopped to help some folks who were stuck by the side of the road. I showed up like 2 minutes before a cop did though so I didn't actually end up having to do anything AND I got the good karma points (which should be useful to have if we're heading otu to Albuquerque to see the Rev) so I win. Got to the jobsite, checked some stuff out, headed out to drop a check off with one of our suppliers and then headed home.

Total hours worked: 9.5
Total miles driven: 127 (all within the El Paso city limits).

Took a small break, then I did some yard work and washed both dogs. I'm impressed, despite their normally hyper-active nature, neither dog seriously attempted to escape the dreaded bath. In fact, both seemed quite happy to sit in the pool and relax. Works for me. Came inside, showered, chatted, had dinner, vegged and here we are now.

I have more work to do, but I'm bushed. I think I'm going to call it a night now.

Sleep well folks.

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