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Geeky Post, nothing to see here...

I was about to crash, but I liked how my current screen setup looked. Earlier, I found a snazzy new background (for this week at least ;) and I finally have things working about the way I want them on Moya.

So I'm sharing (Guess who the headless fellow in black is):


wow... using mpg123?
Yeah, RH9 has an anoying anti-MP3 configuration which I haven't entirely managed to remove. XMMS won't play MP3s. Being a geek, I got mpg123 working, but being a slacker I stopped there since it did what I wanted it to do ;)
i thought there was an xmms-mp3 rpm. there was for the first version of redhat that decided mp3 was bad. there might be one still...


not sure if that's the right version though.

not that mpg123 is a bad thing. i even wrote a web front-end for it once, a looong time ago :)
You were right. That took care of the problem.