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The simple things....

Ingredients for a fun, non-stressful, put your feet up on the couch and chill evening:

  1. Paying less than $6.00 and getting 2 good sized meals of Chinese food
  2. Watching a show on design stuff (specifically on the design of Stealth Technology
  3. Watching Enterprise (more geeky happiness)
  4. Watching Special Unit 2 (lots of snide comments, and mythical critters)
  5. Hanging out with friend(s) (optional)

Very busy day today. I got to deal with the full range of my work duties. Spent part of the morning getting one of the backhoes ready to be picked up by the mechanic (its engine had a serious issue so its going into the shop after all). This involved getting scuzzy, lifting heavy things, and figuring out how to move even heavier things. Molly got to do some towing and she made me proud... It reminded me of that car commercial with a small SUV towing a semi... well except that Molly is not small (or an SUV for that matter, she's a truck damn it!) and she was actually built to tow some seriously heavy stuff.

After that I had to crunch some numbers for a proposal on a good sized job. I also had to do misc office stuff and work on some strategy with dealing with one of our annoying business issues. That took a few hours and was almost as tiring as the heavy manual labor part of the morning.

Also had to make a trip downtown to tweak a few things on my brother's new network as well as deal with City Hall drones and goons. Sadly I think I blew one of Molly's speakers while driving home from the afternoon's excitement. Fortunately it was the stock unit, and I've already priced out good quality replacements. I was thinking of replacing the stock speakers, Molly just decided to hurry things along a bit ;).....

Got home and passed out for a few hours until I ran to get food and go home to watch cool TV shows. That's it.... Is it any wonder I didn't post much today? ;)