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Car (nearly) go boom...

I almost blew up Molly's battery this morning. That got me thinking that perhaps, today isn't the best day for me to try any death defying stunts. Considering how much trouble I'm having getting out of the house so far, I think my normal luck is running a tiny bit low/negative today.

I'll ramble about my adventures in car repair later (once I get things sorted out). It actually wasn't my fault that the battery almost blew up and the fact that I caught the problem before it actually went boom is a Good Thing, but still. That's not the way to start the week. My cars shouldn't be out to get me ;).

Right now I'm waiting for one of our workers to show up so I can take a quick trip to the auto parts store to get a new battery and cables (just to be on the safe side). Hmmm... looks like he's here. Gotta run.


Actually Molly's all better now.

Apparently it was just the battery's time to go kaput. I put in a new battery and she's running fine now. The old battery killed the starter solenoid (so maybe it was the battery that had been killing them) so I replaced that and so far she's running better than she had been in a while.

If nothing else at least it was cool that I could diagnose the exact problem and get it dealt with quickly.