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Going to see the Rev...

Well, I'm almost done getting ready for the show tonight.

I still need to decide if I'm taking Molly or my mom's truck and make sure that whichever vehicle I pick is ready to go and happy to be going. Oh, also need to feed the dogs and lock up the house, then I have to head over to the office for a few hours.

The plan is to head out around noon-ish, pick up Dave, then Ally, then head out to Albuquerque. Assuming things go well we should get into Abq a bit before rush hour. Then we'd just need to find the theatre for the show (tickets are waiting for us at will call), the hotel/motel that Dave hooked us up with (hopefully it won't be in Santa Fe :-p), rest a bit, then find a good place to eat before the show. As you can probably imagine, I won't be posting much until tomorrow when I'll hopefully have many great and amusing stories of our adventure up north. Will hopefully also have at least a few pictures.

Ok, I need to boogie. Hasta luego.
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