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The Post Show...

... was actually not all that eventful. Mostly this is just an excuse to put up some more (rather amusing) pictures (taken legally this time).

First off, this is Ally:

and this, is Dave:

Umm.... yeah... Now, something more pleasant, Ally & Dave

No rockabilly show would be complete without spotting at least one cool as fuck, classic ride, and here is Monday night's winner:

Look, proof that Dave met Jimbo

now this is one of Jimbo, Ally, Rob (guitar tech), and Scott. I made a slight faux pas before taking this picture. Scott (who I didn't realize was in the band) jumped in and blocked Ally and being my typical oblivious self, I told him to move aside because he was blocking her in the picture (he really was, you could barely see the top of her head). I suspect this might explain his scowl in the picture. Ummm... oops. All things considered though, I'd rather have her visible in the picture than him. I think most folks can appreciate why :-p. Personally, I think this arrangement looks pretty cool.

and I will finish up the people pictures with this cool shot of Ally looking like quite the hot little number in a bad girl sort of way. Nice, very nice.

After hanging out with folks and generally being goofy, we finished up the night at:

Where we partook of much good (and cheap) food, found out some interesting things about certain people, and generally had a good time.

There are more stories to tell, but it's late and I need to be up early tomorrow, so you'll have to settle for pictures for now. Besides, if traditional wisdom is to be believed, six pictures = six thousand words ;).

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