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FrankenFords Pat I

I drafted Dave to help me get the donor truck to the shop.

Things went well, it's at the shop waiting to be dismantled and I'm feeling good about the prospects for these projects. I also just picked up a couple of mauals to help with removing and installing the engine.

More later.


If you run into something let me know. I've been turing wrenches for too many years.
Heh, so how does one go about swapping stuff like engines and such? I'm probably going to be undertaking this in the near future and I'm looking for all the info I can get my hands on.

Our shop is mostly a construction/plumbing shop, but we have enough automotive tools and general stuff to do this without too much trouble, we've had our mechanics do this stuff here before so I know it can be done successfully, but this will be the first time where it's basically my problem to make sure the truck runs when I'm done ;).