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Holy Voodoo Dolls Batman!

Ok, so apparently I've been hiding under a rock lately. When did toys get to be this scary?

Can you imagine how depressed you'd be after finding this under the tree come Christmas morning(at least if you aren't Alex P. Keaton ;)?

I mean really. The only really good uses for these would be a) pre-made voodoo doll/dart board target, b) fun 4th of July accessory (the President dives onto an M-80 to save Barbie & Ken, thus preserving family values), c) doggy chew toy for your rabid pit bull.


I can't help but picture the little evil mini-ashes from Army of Darkness.

In case you're wondering, this thing is real :(


Well, now I know what to send you for Xmas....
I sincerely hope you're talking about either the M-80s or a rabid pit bull.

wow, that is scary...totally
i saw this and "Fortunate Son" just came flowin' through my head LOL!

This one is kinda cool though...