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Well, ok so her dad frowns on people calling her that. I took a couple of random and cute-ish pictures of my niece/god-daughter, Isabella, on Saturday.

So here we have Isabella Angelique Morales, age: 1 year, 2 months, and a few days. The reason these pictures are really neat is that this is the first time in recent memory when she wasn't bawling her head off whenever someone got near her or picked her up. For the last 6-8 months she would refuse to interact with anyone that wasn't her mom or dad except for rare moments (if you caught her off guard and they weren't around). On Saturday she was a nice, cute, happy toddler with toys and she was generally being pleasant to be around.

My mom realized that she didn't have a baby seat in the house. Since Isabella and I were already sitting comfortably on the floor, we ended up eating there. It was one of those days when I'm glad that my mom is as anal retentive about cleaning as she is. Her kitchen floor really is clean enough to eat off of (provided you have a plate and place-mat ;).

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