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and in other news...

I went to go see the Medallion (DS=9) yesterday. I'm impressed. I'm tempted to say this might be one of my favorite Jackie Chan movies in a while. A big part of this is that the plot plays very well as an American action/comedy. I was also happy to see Jackie playing the straight man while still being Jackie, it was a nice change of pace. This movie had a lot of interesting effects. Some of the big super-power effects looked a little odd, but given how many movies look flawlessly Matrix-y I actually liked the somewhat rougher quality of this movie's effects. There was a lot of wire-work and it was neat to know that the actors were actually doing their stunts. All around, a lot of good quality kung fu action sequences and just the right amount of plot.

After the movie, I came home and kicked back, trying to unwind and let go of all of this week's negativity. I realized that this is the first weekend in a while when I don't have anything to do until Monday. Hmmm... what to do with all that free time?

This morning, I decided to take advantage of it by sleeping late, working out, tinkering with plaster stuff in the house and working on my webpage. If I am this productive tomorrow, it should have a new look ready by the end of the weekend.

Now, I'm going to have a dinner of Leftovers a le Victor while watching a cheesy action movie of some sort.

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