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Crikey! First Gerbils, now Spam!

I was just checking my old email address. This is just wrong:

{buzzword-bingo 4:17pm} ~ =>msgchk
You have 5921 messages (24294794 bytes) on xxx.xxx.EDU
{buzzword-bingo 4:17pm} ~ =>

I'm pretty sure I checked it sometime last week (when I was playing around with the Carlsbad pictures). So at most it would have been about 7 days since I checked it.


That's about:

756 emails / day
32 emails / hour
40 bytes / second

or an average of 1 email every 2 minutes.

The depressing thing being that I think I only recieved 50-60 legitimate messages in the last week.

Furthermore, in the amount of time it took to incorporate all that mail (i.e. inc; rm inbox/*), I recieved another 11 messages totalling 34296 bytes. Ick.