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Random things you may or may not have wanted to know about me...

appropriated from kenwalker

  • hair:long, jet black
  • eyes: dark brown nearly black... occasionally bloodshot
  • height: 6'3"
  • weight: ~260 (and decreasing)

  • clothing: yes, generally whatever I feel like wearing that's reasonably clean
  • music: extremely ecclectic, but often influenced by new stuff I hear from friends

  • wearing: jeans, t-shirt, boots (work uniform)
  • music: MP3s on XMMS
  • thinking of: L and travel plans
  • feeling: slightly sore (definitely need a new bed soon)

  • bought: building materials and a table saw at Lowe's
  • did: fed the dags, drove to work
  • read: morning newspaper
  • watched on tv: Queer Eye for the Straigh Guy

  • club or houseparty: either, depends on the company
  • tea or coffee: tea (& cake... ;)
  • cats or dogs:both, but dogs have the edge
  • single or taken: somewhere in the middle
  • pen or pencil: pencil (I make lots of mistakes ;)
  • gloves or mittens: gloves
  • food or candy: food
  • cassette or cd: cd
  • snuff or cigarettes: neither (smoked cloves briefly in college)
  • coke or pepsi: Gatorade (or H20)
  • matches or a lighter: lighter

  • kill: no one in particular, I'd much rather make them suffer
  • hear from: L
  • look like: myself, back when I was 20 and playing Rugby
  • be like: myself, with a bit more of a clue

  • food: sushi
  • drink: Cider Jack, Raspberry Hard Cider
  • color: Purple
  • shoes: comfy work boots, or none at all
  • song: Tricky - Excess
  • vegetable: corn
  • fruit: oranges
  • last movie you saw: Red Planet
  • last movie you saw on the big screen: The Medallion
  • last phone number you called: My real estate agent
  • last show you watched on TV: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
  • last song you heard: Aerosmith - Love in an Elevator
  • last thing you had to drink: Mountain Dew
  • last thing you ate: an omelet
  • last time you showered: this morning
  • last time you cried: can't remember
  • last time you smiled: playing with the dags this morning
  • last time you laughed: ditto
  • last person you hugged: someone in my family on my birthday
  • last person you kissed: L
  • last thing you said: gracias (thanks in Spanish)
  • last person you talked to online: benndragon
  • last thing you smelled: omelet

  • smoke: no
  • do drugs: only OTC stuff and booze
  • drink: yes, like a fish at times
  • sleep with stuffed animals: only if the cats have just eaten
  • have a crush: yes, L
  • have a boyfriend/girlfriend: working on it
  • have a dream that keeps coming back: yes
  • play an instrument: yes, guitar, piano
  • believe there is life on other planets: yes
  • read the newspaper: most mornings
  • have any gay or lesbian friends: quite a few
  • believe in miracles: yes, after all I did graduate from college ;)
  • believe it's possible to remain faithful forever: yes, not always easy though
  • consider yourself tolerant of others: yes, except those that annoy me.
  • consider police a friend or foe: a neurotic dangerous friend with a Napoleon complex
  • like the taste of alcohol: depends what it's mixed with
  • have a favorite Stooge: yes
  • believe in astrology: nah, usually too vague
  • believe in magic: yes, in some sense
  • pray: once in a while
  • go to church: sometimes (when I feel like braving a possible lightning strike ;)
  • have any secrets: oh yeah
  • have any pets: 2 dogs, 2 cats, and....
  • wear hats: nah, usually wear a bandana if I need to keep my hair out of the way
  • have any piercings: yes
  • have any tattoos: in a couple of weeks I will
  • hate yourself: nah, I'm awesome
  • wish on stars: once in a long while
  • like your handwriting: you mean my block printing? yeah ;)
  • believe in witches: yes, believe that they can do witchy stuff? undecided
  • believe in Satan: Undecided, depends on how you define him/it.
  • believe in ghosts: yes
  • trust others easily: depends, that's a gut instinct kind of thing, some I do, some I don't
  • like sarcasm: oh no! Sarcasm is evil... ;)
  • take walks in the rain: sometimes, yeah.
  • kiss with your eyes closed: depends
  • sing in the shower: yes. do I sing well? probably not

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