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Productivity sink...

I should have been busier last weekend.

This weekend, I have materials to tackle the garage re-org project, but today I have to go to a b-day party for family. That's an interesting situation. I'll probably discuss it later, once I see how this one turns out. Anyways...

I was up way too late last night. This means that I got up later than expected today. I just finished the standard morning computer stuff (first computer, then breakfast ;). Now I need to feed the dogs, feed myself, do laundry, and sort out house stuff. I'm tempted to start doing garage stuff, but the forecast is for scattered t-storms and I don't want to leave things half done and outside of the garage if it does rain. I might get started after the party thing. Depends on how long I'm there.

At least it's a 3-day weekend, so I can work on several things. My primary goal is to get the garage use-able and move stuff off the floor and onto shelves (which need to be painted and installed). Depending on how that goes, I may start on furniture stuff and I'll probably do some more plaster work in the house whenever I get a chance....

I'm determined to finish unpacking before november (i.e. it'd be nice if it took less than a year to accomplish this ;). However, this means I have to do lots of home improvement stuff (e.g. re-wiring stuff, painting stuff, plastering stuff, etc...).

Oh well. Off to do stuff. I'll be back.

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