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A restaurant you can't refuse...

I found this place in a slightly out of the way spot near my house shortly after I moved last year. I finally got around to taking some pictures this morning...

Monteleone's Restaurant, El Paso, TX...

Hours of Operation Sign

Impressive Paint Detail

Check out the paint detail on "bumper" and the "grill"/door. They did a really good job of making it nearly look like chrome.

The Thompson Sub-Machine-Mailbox

(another view)

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looks pretty neat
this place kicks MUCH ASS! (continuing my current trend in thoughts).

whats the address? ive never seen it before...looks badass!!!
I think it's 3023 Gateway West. Basically it's on the gateway North of I-10 right before you get to Piedras

Or if you'd like a map

(Did I mention I was hugely bored at work today? ;)

oh right...


Re: oh right...


Re: oh right...

forgot already? i'll explain later